Coast Sign's Engineering Group converts conceptual artwork into engineered drawings ready for CAD manufacturing. We also work with the best structural engineering firms across the country, ensuring exact footing calculations and method-of-attachments details, tailored to specific regional requirements and on-site conditions. Coast Sign maintains a vast library of national, state, and local building and electrical codes. Led by engineering that seamlessly integrates manufacturing, project management, and the client's needs, Coast's high level of communication has proven over and over to be the foundation for the delivery of the brand image that our clients expect.

With a solid background that spans over 40 years, Coast understands the transformation of the sign industry and how it relates to technology, energy efficiency, safety, maintenance, space, price, new products, and the overall environmental impact. Our Engineering Group collectively has more than 200 years of sign experience with ongoing specialty training, as well as research and development of new products, applications, and software. Our expertise is applied to value-added engineering for our clients.