Energy & Environmental

Deliver Products and Services with Minimal Environmental Impact | Track Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency.

Air & Water Pollution
Coast uses Low VOC Paints, Primers, Solvents, and Glues. We replace hazardous materials, such as Methylene Chloride, with chemicals that are safe for employees and the environment. Coast has virtually eliminated water pollution in our industrial practices.

Coast helps our clients cut energy consumption. Examples: Factory Lighting System Retrofit to T8; Exclusive Use of Shortwave Halogen Drying Booths

Coast has an ambitious industrial and consumable recycling program. We average 98% industrial scrap recycling at our plants. Consumables including cardboard, paper, glass, and aluminum are part of the company-wide recycling policy. We will continue to strive for zero waste to landfills.

Energy Efficiency
Coast Sign has a solid record of research and development of more energy-efficient product solutions. Our use of LED systems, a much more energy-efficient illumination solution than conventional Neon and Fluorescent systems, is just one example of our commitment to energy efficiency.

Coast Sign partners with a national government regulatory compliance firm to review the requirements of federal and state regulatory authorities, and certify compliance with environmental, health, and safety laws and standards.

Hazardous Waste
We carefully manage the proper storage and disposal of hazardous materials under state and federal regulations. Coast Sign does not discharge any wastewater that may pose a safety hazard or damage the sewer or treatment works.

Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving green building industry is Coast's goal. We have a LEED AP BD&C-certified professional on staff as a resource for others seeking to achieve their sustainability goals.